Small Watercolors

How's it going? I have some small watercolor paintings to share. Here are some lemon themed items and some sea trinkets. 


That's all for now!

Halloween 2016

Wow, my blog is already a year old!

Unfortunately my busy schedule kept me from completing Inktober like I did last year. I did make one ink piece of a tired looking lady, though. A reflection of my mood lately? :) I'm pretty fond of the gold ink, I'd love to experiment with it more.

That's all for now!

Dusk Palms

Hello again!

This piece was originally a pencil study I made from life. I ended up going in and painting it digitally since I wanted to capture the blues and pinks of the sky that day.


Cheers for now! 

Birds and such

Hello again!

I've been drawing various birds lately... here's a superb fairy wren, a mallard duck, a mountain bluebird, and a ruby throated hummingbird. The wren, duck, and bluebird are a combination of watercolors and colored pencils made on hot-press watercolor paper. The hummingbird is digital.

That's all for now!

Inktober - Days 16 through 31

Here are the rest of my Inktober drawings! More flowers, some trees, and some Halloween themed fashion drawings.

As I mentioned before, all of these drawings were done on bristol paper with sumi ink and microns.

You can view all of my Inktober pieces together here on Behance.

That's all for now. See you later!

Inktober – Days 1 through 15

I'm finally starting a blog! Now I have a place where I can share what I'm working on more regularly.

Have you heard of Inktober? It's a drawing challenge that artists take on during the month of October, where they draw at least one image in ink every day. I haven't had the time to participate in the past, but I decided to give it a go this year.

For the first six days, I drew one of my favorite birds every day. Then, for the next five days, I drew flowers. After that, I made a few Halloween themed drawings, and a simple portrait.

All of these drawings were done on bristol paper with sumi ink and micron pens. I'll post the rest of my ink drawings at the end of the month. Cheers!