Follow the moon

The holiday season has begun... I hope everyone is enjoying it! Here's some new art.


Cheers for now!

There and back again

Hello everyone! I've returned from my hiatus. Here's a new painting for you all.


I also wanted to announce that I'm planning on participating in Inktober again this year. I'll be posting my progress on a weekly basis if all goes well. Wish me luck! 

Creature of mist

A quick piece, to remind myself that not everything has to be ultra rendered or overly polished. (In particular, I was inspired by this video by Jake Parker.)

Cheers for now!

Dusk Palms

Hello again!

This piece was originally a pencil study I made from life. I ended up going in and painting it digitally since I wanted to capture the blues and pinks of the sky that day.


Cheers for now! 

Sleepy study

Here's a recent study I made. I wanted to experiment with Kyle T. Webster's Photoshop brushes, which are definitely fun to use! I recommend them for anyone who wants to get more natural looking textures in their digital art.

Cheers for now!

Birds and such

Hello again!

I've been drawing various birds lately... here's a superb fairy wren, a mallard duck, a mountain bluebird, and a ruby throated hummingbird. The wren, duck, and bluebird are a combination of watercolors and colored pencils made on hot-press watercolor paper. The hummingbird is digital.

That's all for now!


I've got a new gif to share!

This one is deceptively simple. The concept of having the character's hair be the primary light source was definitely tricky to paint. That said, I had fun, and adding the animations to it was a bonus.

That's all for now!

Changing seasons

Hi everyone! I've got some new artwork to share.

This first piece is a snowy landscape in the early morning. It's actually a remake of an older piece that I made earlier this year. This turned out very different from the original!

This next piece is my first foray into the world of illustrated gifs. I've wanted to make animated illustrations for a while now, and I've finally given it a go! I was thinking about the end of the autumn, which is right around the corner, and decided to make a piece about that.

As you can see, this piece went through a few different color schemes before I settled on one.

This piece was made entirely in Photoshop, including the animations. Unfortunately, because of the way gifs work, my rendered illustrations will always look a tiny bit grainy. That said, I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, and I can't wait to make more. I've got a lot to learn.

Cheers for now!